atmo-o pronounced atmosphere.

Atmo O FS file system is for anybody who wants to simplify complicated textual duplications in text files. Free yourself from memorizing them and embody them in a form that acknowledges the duplication by eliminating those duplicates. Virtualize a file into several files. Master pages and template engine solution compatible with nearly every text file format exists.

We seek those power users who want to see their data as it should be, fully un-duplicated into its constituent parts and aliased using transclusion back together. So all instances point to just a single copy.

In every discipline we try to get information from our memory and commit it to a document, so we can recall it and to communicate it to others. Without making duplicates apparent there is a chance for memory failure and an absence of revealing the true structure of the information.

With Atmo O FS file system we want information to be structured in the way it should be. In all aspects of IT, we strive to apply the DRY principle, “Do not Repeat Yourself”. We do it in spreadsheets by referencing cells multiple times in software source with macro’s and generics. Why do we accept duplication in our important text files?

The Jolt Cola Award winning software development book 'The Pragmatic Programmer 20th Anniversary Edition' described the 'DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) principle in a section called '9 --The Evils of Duplication' as 'one of the most important tools in the Pragmatic Programmer's toolbox'.

If the file format you use doesn't have a master pages templating engine solution, then Atmo-O works with any text format.

Atmo O FS system can be used transparently with any application data as the FS file system hides the 'template language' from the application loading the data. The data is processed by the FS and appears untemplated. It's an #include or import directive that works with every text file.

But master pages document aliasing is only part of the solution. Atmo O FS also offers two ways to embed executables. They run when the file, be it text or binary are opened or via double clicking in the file browser. It edit’s the file as its loading. You can now turn documented processes into automated solutions. What ‘Commands’ and ‘Visitors’ will be created in your line of business?

Atmo O FS, atmosphere file system, data truth, accuracy, productivity and information as it should be.

The features of atmosphere file system.