Maintain the DRY! principle (Do not repeat yourself). With master pages document aliasing , embed aliased sections within the same or from outside the document. Works with any human readable text file and binary. No new syntax to learn. Embedded executables allow code to run when text files are opened. Introducing the O_Type pronounced Sphere Type. Implemented both as a command line tool and a file system FS for transparent browsing of O_Type folders as assembled files. Understanding O_Types is similar to comprehending Object Orientation, you have to abstract away from a file to the contents of a folder, both with the same file/folder name and extension.


FolderO_Type folder
Seperate filesFiles all concatenated together
No orderOrder of files critical
Single representationBoth as components 'Folder' and collated into a single 'File' through FS
Alias only filesAlias in both files & O_Types. Also embed O_Types with composition
Normal file browserBrowsed using Atmo O FS file system path O:\O_Types\.. or using CLI tool
Embed folders in foldersEmbed O_Types, child’s content appears in top to bottom order
Embed executables [Command]
Provide a 'Visitor' that executes on each embedded file
Contains file “O_Type.xml” to signify its an O_Type

How to create an O_Type.